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Solar Thermal Property Survey

Please answer as many questions as you can on this form below.
The more you tell us, the better we can meet your needs.

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DIY - supply only or supplied + installed

DIY / Supply + Install


1. Does part of your roof face:

South / East / West / SSE / SSW

Approximately what area of roof is 'southerly' facing?

2. Is the roof overshadowed by trees or other     buildings?

Yes / No

If Yes please state how much approximately:

3. Is easy access to the roof available for installation
    of the collector (s)?

Yes / No

4. What is the existing covering of your roof?

5. Do you have your own plumber / installer?

Yes / No


1. How many people are there in the household?

2. How many bathrooms?

3. How is your hot water currently heated?

Gas / Electric / Oil / Other

If you selected Other please specify:

4. If you have a boiler what is the make and age?

5. Is your boiler a COMBI?

Yes / No

If Yes, which make and model?

6. Please specify any existing faults with your     heating or hot water system

7. Do you have a cold water storage tank in the roof?

Yes / No

If Yes, what is this made of?

Plastic / Galvanised / Other

If you selected Other please specify:

8. Does this supply water to the hot water cylinder?

Yes / No

9. What material are your water pipes made from?

Copper Galvanised Plastic PVC Other

If you selected Other please specify:

10. Are all your hot and cold water pipes insulated?

Yes / No

11. What is the size of the existing cylinder including the insulation?

Height in mm / Width in mm

12. What are the measurements of your airing cupboard?

Height in mm / Width in mm

13. If you heat water by immersion heater, please state how many:

@ 3kW

And what is its position in your cylinder?

Top / Side / Bottom

14. Is there a drain-cock connected to the cylinder?

Yes / No

15. Do you have a thermostat connector wired to a boiler programmer?

Yes / No

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